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Ariane K.

I've actually never written a Yelp review before, but had such a good experience with Tricera that I felt compelled to! When I started looking online to see what my options were, I discovered a small but professional looking company gave them a call. They were super helpful on the phone so I decided to go for it and head over there...

Not only did they answer all my questions and more, and give me a ton of great tips on priting, paper selection, etc., but they were just nice genuine people. I didn't feel like I was being "sold" to, upsold, pressured, or that any "tactics" were being used on me. I didn't have to go on the defensive or figure out how to just get out of there with the damned printer without having to dodge and weave.

It was a breath of fresh air. I wish there was a Tricera equivalent for every type of technology or appliance you have to buy these days... They've certainly earned another loyal customer."